SAS-2 revision 6 now available

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Fri Sep 22 20:04:29 PDT 2006

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Serial Attached SCSI - 2 (SAS-2) revision 6 (sas2r06) is now available
on and, 
incorporating proposals recommended by the September 2006 T10 plenary
(e.g. all the zoning proposals).
Please review the editor's notes that have accumulated.
Some of particular interest:
* Note 2: Should SAS refer to specific version numbers of SFF
* Notes 5, 8, 9: Should zoning expander devices be required to fetch zone
group information and put it into their own zoning expander route tables?
Or, is the zoning expander route table optional?
* Note 6: How should we close the window where an initiator can open a
target but the target cannot open the initiator?
* Note 10: Should we change Broadcast (Zone Activate) into just a bit in the
ZONED BROADCAST function, since there is no need for it to be available as a
BROADCAST primitive?
* Note 11: Need text on attenuating SSC while measuring jitter
* Note 18: What should the priority be between OPEN_REJECT (ZONE VIOLATION)
* Note 24: Should we add a BROADCAST EXPANDER COUNT field?
* Note 25: Should we add a DRIVE PRESENCE DETECTED field?
* Note 28: Should the ROUTED SAS ADDRESS field be in bytes 0-7, in front of
the PHY BIT MAP field?
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