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Let’s start working the PHY specification numbers now that training and 
SSC have been addressed.
Reference proposals:
|From last week’s discussion of 06-419:
Defines how de-emphasis is measured for the simulations in this proposal. 
Concern voiced that the de-emphasis measurement definition doesn't locate 
the peak in the correct position. It is dependent on rise and fall times. 
Maximum rise time needs to be no greater than .41 UI and the minimum rise 
time needs to be smaller.
Also looks at deterministic jitter relationship to de-emphasis.
Initial reference transmitter table does not include numbers for 
differential and common mode return loss. Differential RL suggested being 
similar to 10G Base-KR and the common mode RL similar, but -6dB and TBD 
frequency dependency.
Differential impedance plus differential return loss should not both be in 
the reference receiver table. Suggested dropping differential impedance 
requirement (as is being done in another similar standard).
Need to add jitter tolerance.
Minimum number of taps should be 3 based on existing data and 
recommendation of 4 +/- 1 tap.
Minimum values need to be used for the reference values.
Kevin asked for suggestions as he has provided the initial pass at 
defining a reference transmitter and receiver.
We also need to look at the 10-meter external cable requirement.
Conference call September 21, 2006 
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Topic: SAS-2 PHY WG 
Date: Thursday, Sept 21, 2006 
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