Suggested response for LOG SENSE error

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Hi Gerry,
I'd be hesitent to report a sense key of MEDIUM ERROR in this case
unless the device actually stores the log parameter on the medium.  For
removable medium devices, many end users interpret MEDIUM ERROR to mean
that they can no longer use the medium.
Whether you want to use an existing ASC/Q or propose a new one is your
choice.  I will note that SPC-4 already includes a LOG EXCEPTION ASC/Q
with the value 5B00h.
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We had a situation come up where a LOG SENSE command failed because the
log data cannot be read from its location. The actual sense data
returned for this case was clearly inappropriate, but there is not an
obvious choice for what should be reported.
My best suggestion (among things already documented in SPC) in to return
MEDIUM ERROR (3) sense key, RECORD NOT FOUND (14h, 01h) additional sense
bytes. Customers might expect that these sense bytes only apply to user
data areas, however, not reserved areas. Does anyone have a better
suggestion for this situation? Does anyone think a new ASC should be
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