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The SERVICE ACTION IN/OUT table for 12 byte CDBs was added in
SPC-3 revision 10 (November 2002). It was added in anticipation
of the READ MEDIA SERIAL NUMBER command, which remains the only
command listed in the table.
In SPC-3 revision 10 SERVICE ACTION OUT service action 1Fh was
Reserved. In SPC-3 revision 13 (May 2003), it was changed to
Restricted. All available evidence indicates that the change
was made in response to SPC-3 editing meetings held on 6 and
8 May, for which no minutes were taken.
Since the change is in an informative annex, it is a priori
editorial and therefore no formal vote is (or was) needed to
make it.
As the Restricted keyword definition states, Restricted means
SPC-x does not and will not define the meaning of the 1Fh
service action.
"3.3.10 Restricted: A keyword referring to bits, bytes, words,
and fields that are set aside for use in other SCSI standards.
A restricted bit, byte, word, or field shall be treated as a
reserved bit, byte, word or field for the purposes of the
requirements defined in this standard."
 From my point of view, the purpose of Restricted is to allow
other SCSI command sets to operate freely without having to
modify SPC-x for every command definition they develop.
For this reason, I have no clue regarding where SERVICE ACTION
OUT(12) service action 1Fh is used. It may be used in several
command set standards. It may be used in none.
I suspect (but cannot prove) that the May 2003 editing meeting
marked the 1Fh service action as Restricted to allow for its
use in any command set with no particular use identified.
The SERVICE ACTION IN/OUT tables have remained as you see
them in SPC-4 r07a from May 2003 to this day. I am aware of
no efforts to change them. However, I have not conducted a
concerted inspection of the upcoming CAP agenda pursuant
to preparing this message.
All the best,
Rich Ramos wrote:
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> *
> Hey guys,
> I have a question regarding SERVICE ACTION IN/OUT 12 and 16.	I 
> noticed that 06-223r1 brought a vendor specific service action into 
> MAINTENANCE IN/OUT and was wondering if there was any proposal/plan to 
> do the same thing for SERVICE ACTION IN/OUT 12 and 16?  Right now 1Fh 
> is restricted but I'm not clear if that's because it's used somewhere 
> else?  If so where?  If not why's it restricted?
> Thanks,
> Rich
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