Comments on 06-369r5: Security Association Model for SPC-4

Ralph Weber roweber at
Mon Oct 16 12:54:15 PDT 2006

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The proposal you are looking for is 06-449 (SPC-4: Establishing
a Security Association using ...). I am working with the proposal
authors regarding SCSI details at this time.
Whether both proposals will be ready for approval during the same
meeting week is anybody's guess.
Regardless, I intend to move for approval of 06-369r? whenever it
is technically complete.
I anticipate that SPC-4 will include a full complement of SA-related
topics before it is sent to Letter Ballot.
All the best,
Kevin D Butt wrote:
> Ralph and all,
> To reiterate the position of IBM Tape related to 06-369r5: Security 
> Association Model for SPC-4, we see the need for the items in this 
> proposal but we object to the proposals acceptance until there is a 
> "Security protocol that creates SAs".  The proposal as it stands 
> today, has a table for these Security protocols that create an SA, but 
> there is only a TBD.	We fear that passing this proposal without a 
> Security protocol defined that creates an SA, will open the door for 
> items that rely on SAs to be added to the standard prior to any method 
> to create an SA.  We believe that this would work against the attempts 
> to standardize methods of creating an SA, because vendors will begin 
> creating SAs with vendor-specific methods in order to get the items 
> that rely on an SA.
> Thanks,
> Kevin D. Butt
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