Comments on 06-369r5: Security Association Model for SPC-4

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Mon Oct 16 11:33:01 PDT 2006

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Ralph and all,
To reiterate the position of IBM Tape related to 06-369r5: Security 
Association Model for SPC-4, we see the need for the items in this 
proposal but we object to the proposals acceptance until there is a 
"Security protocol that creates SAs".  The proposal as it stands today, 
has a table for these Security protocols that create an SA, but there is 
only a TBD.  We fear that passing this proposal without a Security 
protocol defined that creates an SA, will open the door for items that 
rely on SAs to be added to the standard prior to any method to create an 
SA.  We believe that this would work against the attempts to standardize 
methods of creating an SA, because vendors will begin creating SAs with 
vendor-specific methods in order to get the items that rely on an SA.
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