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Ai-san, Katata-san 
I have some questions about "MEI.pdf" and "DVD-RW DL.pdf".
About Qs on DVD-RW DL MEI.pdf" Question 3.
Could you tell me about this document?
Q1. What is the ESN? End Sector Number? Is it means LRA or ERZ?
Q2. Could you tell me about the disc status at the below condition?
<Disc Status>
LRA is on L0.ERZ is on L1.
In this condition, PLJA should be != 0?
And if it is true, I think you need to add the another disc status.
(ERZ is on L1 & PLJA != 0, ERZ is on L1 & PLJA = 0)
<Disc Status>
LRA is on L1
"PLJA = 0 & LJA = 0" & "PLJA = 0 & LJA != 0"
In this condition, 
why the "Logically recorded area on L1" is not "to LRA" but "to ERZ" ?
I have some questions about "DVD-RW_DL.pdf(Revision 0.6)".
Could you tell me about this document?
Q1.About Figure 106 on page 248.
"if user data is written on this condition of Buffer Block, 
the LRA moves to NWA-1"
At the this condition, LRA is on L1(End of RZone end). 
So, I think "LRA != NWA-1".
Q2.About " Non-contiguous condition" on page 255.
In this paragraph, "The disc state may be Complete state."
Why complete state?
p.s. I'll attend tomorrow meeting.
Best regards,
Kenji Akahoshi
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