FCP-4: Continuously Increasing SEQ_CNT

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option A is a requirement.
option B is a strong suggestion, but not requirement.  Vendors should move 
to being able to do this.  This is the weasel wording to allow existing 
implementations that cannot comply with the desire to comply with the 
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RE: FCP-4: Continuously Increasing SEQ_CNT
Hi Dave,
Could you clarify the difference between options A & B?
Paul Wassenberg
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Subject: FCP-4: Continuously Increasing SEQ_CNT
Howdy All,
At the last FCP-4 working group meeting I presented a proposal to request 
the use of continuously increasing SEQ_CNT (CISC) for Class 3 service.
While most believe requiring continuously increasing SEQ_CNT for Class 3 
service is a good idea, one vendor indicated that none of their 
implementations support CISC, and another vendor was concerned about the 
As such, we have the following options:
a. require CISC for Class 3 service. This means that existing 
implementations can claim compliance to a prior standard (e.g., FCP-3);
b. specify that CISC should be used for Class 3 service;
c. no change (i.e., CISC is not required except for streamed Sequences).
My preference would be option a.
What say ye?
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