Hash address Generation

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We know that the hash addresses will duplicate. It is not possible for 
every 64 SAS address value to be uniquely identified in a 23 bit value. 
It's a question of probabilities. 
So given that the SAS addresses have to follow a certain structure to be 
valid there is a very low probability that two SAS addresses in the same 
system will hash to the same value and, even if that did happen, that a 
frame between those two would get misdirected.
By the way your example cannot happen with a valid SAS address.
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Hash address Generation
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Hi all
I have a little doubt regarding the Hash Address generation Logic
Ques:  The following two 64 bit address maps to same 24 bit address
64 bit address value   23 bit hash adress 
00000000_00000001h	DB2777h
Then How Hash address is used to check that whether frame is routed
properly or not , as from this we can assume that Hash Generation Logic
is not One to One (64 bit address maps to unique 24 bit hash address
Plz suggest.........
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