sat-r09: invalid command operation code

Douglas Gilbert dougg at
Sun Oct 8 19:14:16 PDT 2006

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Section 4 of sat-r09 contains this paragraph:
"If the SATL receives a SCSI request specifying any value
in any field of the CDB that the SATL does not support,
unless oterwise (sic) specified in the description of
command, the SATL shall terminate the command with CHECK
CONDITION status and with the sense key set to ILLEGAL
REQUEST and the additional sense code set to ILLEGAL
FIELD IN CBD (see SPC-3)."
Section 4.3.1 of SPC-3 (or SPC-4 rev07a or SPC-2) seemingly
contradicts the above if the opcode itself (i.e first byte of
the CDB) is not supported. In that case the additional sense
Douglas Gilbert
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