SPC-4 r07 (and r07a) available

Ralph Weber roweber at IEEE.org
Sat Oct 7 18:48:14 PDT 2006

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The SPC-4 revision containing the changes approved in September has been 
uploaded as SPC-4 r07:
For the more adventurous, there is SPC-4 r07a:
SPC-4 r07a has all the technical content found in r07, plus one 
invisible and two slightly visible changes.
    * The sources for SPC-4 r07a are in FrameMaker 7.2, not the
      tried-and-true FrameMaker 6.0 which has been used for several
      years worth of SPC-3 and SPC-4 revisions.
    * All device-type vs code value tables (e.g, the ASC/ASCQ lists)
      have been converted from a column-per-device-type format to a
      tab-separated format. This change reduced the source file sizes
      substantially, cut minutes off the time required to build the PDF,
      and eliminate a bazillion error messages from the PDF Distiller.
      In addition, the DTL... letters were squished together more than
      was previously possible and the description column grew by a few
      tenths of an inch which allowed for fewer line wraps. The total
      PDF size shrunk by one page as a result.
    * A handful of typos were fixed (e.g., the Description column in the
      Diagnostic pages table was headed with 'Mode Page name').
Devotees of how SPC-4 looks will surely want to grab a copy of r07a. The 
less finicky may prefer r07.

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