connection info in target transport layer(ST_TFR)

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The source address that a frame is checked against is the SAS source 
address received in the open address frame. The current SAS-2 does not 
pass that information from the link layer to the port layer. I will 
request a change that will add a SAS source address argument to the 
connection opened confirmation.
The SAS source address is already passed between the port and transport 
layer as part of the frame received confirmation. As defined in section ST state machines overview.
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connection info in target transport layer(ST_TFR)
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Hi all
Specs sas2r06 says that Transport layer may check the hashed source &
destination address in the recieved frame based on the "connection
Taken from specs sas2r06 page:422
If the frame type is correct relative to the Frame Received
confirmation, then this state machine may check
that the hashed source SAS address matches the SAS address of the SAS
port that transmitted the frame
and that the hashed destination SAS address matches the SAS address of
the SAS port that received the
frame based on the "connection information."
Ques:- How Target side checks the received address for the first
recieved frame(eg recieved Command frame Source & destination address).
if Connection info is maintained by the recieved Open address frame.
then how these are communicated to transport layer 
Please help...
Thanks & regards
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