request byte count in ST_ITS state machine

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The two instances of request byte count in section are an 
error. In both cases the value should have been Data-out Buffer Size.  I 
will write a proposal to fix this.
Thanks for pointing this out.
Bye for now,
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request byte count in ST_ITS state machine
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Hi all
I am referring to sas2r06 version.
In Section ST_ITS2:Initiator_Send_Frame state
specs says : 
"If the confirmation is Transmission Status (Frame Transmitted), and the
Transmit Frame request was for a COMMAND frame requesting a write
operation, or a write DATA frame where the number of data bytes that
have been transmitted is less than the ""request byte count"" and the
write data length from the previous XFER_RDY frame, then this state
shall wait to receive one of the following confirmations:
a) Transmission Status (ACK Received);
b) Transmission Status (NAK Received);
c) Transmission Status (ACK/NAK Timeout);
d) Transmission Status (Connection Lost Without ACK/NAK); or
e) XFER_RDY Arrived message."
Question : ""Request byte argument"" is used only at Target side.Its not
defined for initiator side .then whats its meaning in this context..
 Please let me know.... 
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