SSC-3: Configurable Early Warning (Question to ISV's)

Kevin D Butt kdbutt at
Mon Oct 2 10:53:21 PDT 2006

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I am sending this note to the T10 reflector and to a list of ISV contacts 
to solicit input from ISV's who deal with Tape drives. 
In response to an earlier query of ISV's, requests were submitted to the 
SSC-3 Working Group and SMC-3 Working Group to standardize items that 
would help the tape industry.  One of this items was to standardize on a 
method to allow an application client to program a special early warning 
notification that would allow the application to ensure it had enough 
space to clean up prior to reaching EOP.  A proposal to meet this request 
can be found at
During the September SSC-3 working group meeting I, as author of the 
proposal, was requested to query the ISV's on the desired notification 
method.  As can be seen in the proposal, it is currently written such that 
a Unit Attention condition is generated upon entry into this programmed 
early warning area.  Some of those in the working group are concerned that 
Unit Attentions might not be seen by the applications and wonder if a 
Check Condition with No Sense (00h) would be a better notification method.
If you have a preference, please reply to me at kdbutt at or at 
t10 at prior to November.
=> UA as exists in the referenced proposal
=> CC with No Sense (similar to existing EW but only returned once)
=> Something different (provide description of desired notification)
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