SSC: 05-423: Configurable Early Warning (make host side of buffer centric?)

Kevin D Butt kdbutt at
Mon Oct 2 09:49:27 PDT 2006

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During the Sept SSC-3 WG when covering 05-423 Configurable Early Warning, 
I took several suggestions to incorporate.  I am working on those, but I 
need clarification relating to the following suggestion.
"Fix to make it host side of buffer centric."  It was made related to the 
text added to the Write command (i.e. all commands it is to be added to). 
I have looked at the text that is there and I cannot see what is lacking - 
or what needs to be changed to make it "host side buffer centric".  As it 
is written (see 05-423r2)
If the device server encounters PEW during the processing of a WRITE(16) 
command, an attempt to finish processing the command shall be made. If all 
data that is to be written is successfully transferred to the medium, the 
device server shall establish a unit attention condition with an 
addi­tional sense code set to END-OF-PARTITION/MEDIUM DETECTED.
Encountering PEW should not cause a synchronize operation.
it seems to cover everything needed.  When PEW is encountered a UA (or CC 
depending on result of ISV survey) is generated.  The application client 
will know that there is only PEWS megabytes of native capacity remaining 
and it must flush its buffer(s).
Please help me understand what is desired differently here.
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