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I would like a clarification on the correct implementation for Type 3
checking when dealing with WRPROTECT/RDPROTECT/VRPROTECT .
In SBC-3r07 clause Type 3 protection states:
Type 3 protection:
a)	defines the content of the LOGICAL BLOCK GUARD field within the
logical blocks of the data-in buffer and/or data-out buffer;
b)	does not define the content of the LOGICAL BLOCK APPLICATION TAG
field; and
c)	does not define the content of the LOGICAL BLOCK REFERENCE TAG
However in the individual command descriptors, WRITE(10) for example,
Table 71 - WRPROTECT field indicates that both the Application Tag and
Reference Tag should be checked.
Since both of these DIF items are not defined for Type 3 protection, I
assume that for Type 3 protected devices these fields should not be
checked at all.
Can someone clarify?
Thanks in advance
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