IsoBuster BD and HD DVD support

Peter Van Hove Peter at
Wed Nov 22 17:51:47 PST 2006

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I recently implemented BD and HD DVD support in IsoBuster.
If you have access to BD and/or HD DVD discs and drives, and you want to
check out the "limited distribution" beta version of IsoBuster, please drop
me a private email and I'll gladly send it to you.  It may help you in your
development ?  And I can benefit from the feedback.
This version will go public mid December.
This is a long shot but ... I'm in need of BD and HD DVD drives and discs to
be able to implement and test properly.
I suppose this message is for the manufacturers:
If you have drive(s) and disc(s) you can live without and you don't mind
sending them to me, I'll gladly be on the receiving end :)
This will allow me to test properly and obviously you will be assured that 
your hardware works well with IsoBuster.
Best Regards,
Peter Van Hove
CD and DVD Data recovery
Peter at
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