SSC-3: Filemarks/Setmarks and Encryption

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As long as this is being addressed for filemarks and setmarks,
End-of-Data should be included.  Space to EOD, then back a few filemarks
is a common operation.
-roger rose
 Exabyte Corp
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> Tapeheads, 
> I believe that we need to better clarify that Filemarks are 
> "encryption neutral".  SSC-3r3b does state in 4.20.2 
> "Filemarks shall not be encrypted" but that is the only 
> statement about filemarks and encryption.  Additionally there 
> is no statement about setmarks and encryption. 
> I think we should add the following: 
> 1) In 4.20.2 where it says "Filemarks shall not be encrypted" 
> should be changed to "Filemarks and Setmarks shall not be 
> encrypted and are considered encryption neutral". 
> 2) In section Reading encrypted data on the medium, 
> the following paragraph: 
> Filemarks and Setmarks are considered encryption neutral.  
> Reading into a Filemark or setmark shall not cause a change 
> of encryption state and shall not cause an encryption 
> additional sense code to be returned. 
> Comments? 
> Thanks, 
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