SSC-3: Filemarks/Setmarks and Encryption

Kevin D Butt kdbutt at
Mon Nov 13 15:26:31 PST 2006

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I believe that we need to better clarify that Filemarks are "encryption 
neutral".  SSC-3r3b does state in 4.20.2 "Filemarks shall not be 
encrypted" but that is the only statement about filemarks and encryption. 
Additionally there is no statement about setmarks and encryption.
I think we should add the following:
1) In 4.20.2 where it says "Filemarks shall not be encrypted" should be 
changed to "Filemarks and Setmarks shall not be encrypted and are 
considered encryption neutral".
2) In section Reading encrypted data on the medium, the following 
Filemarks and Setmarks are considered encryption neutral.  Reading into a 
Filemark or setmark shall not cause a change of encryption state and shall 
not cause an encryption additional sense code to be returned.
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