FCP-4: Continuously Increasing SEQ_CNT

Matthew Jacob mj at feral.com
Thu Nov 9 09:43:38 PST 2006

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* Matthew Jacob <mj at feral.com>
> Kevin,
> In the case of a lost read Sequence, The target will send the Response
> indicating it has completed the command and the host will detect a transfer
> length error. The error does get detected.
If, and only if, the target in question is one known to set residual in 
status correctly. Unfortunately, there are a number of targets still out 
there that don't set residual status correctly. This has led to a 
situation where a number of initiator drivers then ignore residual if 
the device type is, say, DIRECT ACCESS and the command isn't one of the 
commands one would expect residuals on.
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