Question for phy event counters

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The original REPORT PHY ERROR LOG has four saturating counters for those
events.  These are mandatory.
The new REPORT PHY EVENT INFORMATION has four wrapping counters for those
same events.  These are optional.  Wrapping counters are easier for
multi-initiator systems to track.
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Subject: Question for phy event counters 
In sas2r04 spec page 103, it states the following events should use the
saturating counters
Phys shall count the following events using saturating counters and report
them in the Protocol-Specific Port
log page (see and/or the SMP REPORT PHY ERROR LOG function (see
a) invalid dwords received;
b) dwords received with running disparity errors;
c) loss of dword synchronization; and
d) phy reset problems.
However, on p.104, table 24, these 4-events are using counter type "wrapping
Thus, which type of counter we should use?

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