ADI: The functionallity of the Offline bit in ModePage 0Eh, Subpage 03h The RMC logical unit descriptor.

Halvard Eriksen halvard.eriksen at
Tue May 23 07:10:23 PDT 2006

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To the members of the ADI working group.
In the RMC Logical Unit Descriptor in Modepage 0Eh, Sunpage 03h, the
description of the Offline bit states that
if this bit is set to one, the RMC device server shall respond with a
Check Condition to all SCSI commands.
The Sk/Asc/Ascq shall be 02h/04h/12h Logical Unit Not Ready, Offline.
This Asc/Ascq is specified in SPC-4 to apply to Media Change Devices and
to the Automation/Drive interface
and not to the Sequential Access Devices.
Is the tape drive in an Aotomation device considered to be a part of the
Media Changer Device from the SPC-4 point of view?.
If not, should someone have SPC-4 add the Sequential access device to
the list of devices implementing this ASCQ?
Halvard Eriksen
Tandberg Data

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