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I think the op code can still be changed, assuming we can find a 12 byte
CDB that has less conflict than B5h. I think the only candidate would be
B2h. That one used to be Search Data Low(12) and has been obsoleted,
probably because no one implemented it. Its use was documented for optical
drives. If that community is OK with the change, then I would be for it.
Clearly any change would have to be agreed very soon, because
implementations are pending in both tape and disk communities.
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				       Security Protocol Out/Request	   
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I just noticed that the new Security Protocol Out command collides with the
op code for an SMC device (Request Volume Element Address).  I thought a
free op code was requested.  This means that Automation devices will never
be able to use any of the security protocols.  I think this is a bad idea.
I don't know where how all the library vendors missed this.  Can this be
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