ATAPI: Task File Contents after DEVICE RESET

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> From: Bill McFerrin
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> The editors of ATA have requested that we poll the ATAPI community to
> determine the preferred practice.  This is needed for ATA-8.
> What is the content of the error register after execution of the  
> RESET command?  It appears that the ATAPI task file should be  
> loaded with
> the signature, but it is not certain.
> Please post your response to both the MtFuji and T10 reflectors.
The concept I remember was that [o x1F7] Command = x08 DeviceReset  
came explicitly from the host, so the device could recklessly guess  
that all threads in the host that shared the privilege of task file  
access were further coordinated to send one request or reset at a  
time, and therefore return [o x3F6] AlternateStatus & x01 Err zeroed  
in response, which made [i x1F1] Error immaterial.  Thus:
[i x1F7] Status = [i x3F6] AlternateStatus = x00
[i x1F6] DeviceHead = x10 * Device
[i x1F5:1F4] Cylinder = xEB14 (because xEB ^ x14 = xFF, so x EB 14 in  
sequence is rarely noise)
[i x1F3] SectorNumber = xXX
[i x1F2] SectorCount = xXX (except & x03 was x 01 02 00 03 = CO DI DO  
SI, so arguably should be 03 between requests)
[i x1F1] Error = xXX
Only the implicit reset of launching another request by writing  
another [o x1F7] Command while Bsy|Drq set was implicit, making x01  
Err necessary to help uncoordinated host threads (e.g., Windows vs.  
Bios) communicate.  There, the thread that didn't send the reset  
would catch the error, erroneously see the error as success if Err  
was clear, but if Err was set would fetch [i x1F1] Error to decide  
how to retry.
I remember wishing x00 = SI.
I also remember the Atapi folk dreamed up new names for the plain hex  
of task file addressing faster than did the device controller and bus  
analyser folk.	That didn't strike me as helpful.  I no longer	
remember those new register names.
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