Incremental Streaming Writable (0021h) Version 2?

David F. support at
Thu Mar 16 16:45:36 PST 2006

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I'm looking at the Incremental Streaming Writable Feature Descriptor output
as reported from a DVD drive:
00 21 09 08 01 00 00 01 00 01 10 00
It doesn't seem to match up with the version 1 and version 3 descriptor
format since I know the device supports BUF (writing can fail if BUFE not
set in write parameters) and that 01 10 seems like it should be the number
of links and link size field.
Is there some missing version 2 that is an odd ball format or does the drive
just seemed whacked?  If not, then I guess BUF is worthless and I should
just set BUFE in the write parameters regardless if what the feature
descriptors say?
David F.
TeraByte Unlimited
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