DVD-RW incremental recording mode issue

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Mon Mar 13 21:27:36 PST 2006

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Hi Tim,
First of all, I need to know what software do you use.
Ordinary writing software (Sonic, Cyber, Ulead, Pinnacle, etc) uses
Overwrite mode for DVD-RW disc.
Mastering/Authoring case, they use Restricted Overwrite mode to perform Disc
Once/Session at Once recording.
File system (packet writing) case, they use Restricted Overwrite mode too.
To perform a recording, they issuse Quick Format. It may take 10 sec. So you
not find it.
Let me know what software do you use.
Best regards,
Keiji Katata
"Tim Xu" <timx at ioint.com> on 2006/03/09 09:35:07
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$B7oL>(B:  DVD-RW incremental recording mode issue
Dear Keiji,
I use incremental recording mode to burn files on DVD-RW just like on DVD-R.
can finish entire burning procedure, and display the file structure on WinXP,
but it is still treated as a blank disk when burning next time no matter for
new blank disc or a fully erased disc. I checked the each command used during
burning. It is found that write method is Incremental before and after
data, but it will be changed to Restricted Overwrite after close track
is executed. I also tried use Blank command with $B!H(BBlank the
disc$B!I(B or $B!H(BMinimally
Blank the Disc$B!I(B parameter to change the write method from Restricted
to Incremental mode, but it doesn$B!G(Bt change anything. For DVD-RW media,
if a
medium is in Sequential recording mode, usage of this mode page shall conform
descriptions for DVD-R. I can$B!G(Bt understand why it happens to me. 
appreciate,  if I can get any help or advice from you.
Thank you in advance.
Tim Xu
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