MMC5 Rev 3a - minor editorial requests

Mike Berhan mikeb at
Fri Jun 30 15:24:45 PDT 2006

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In reviewing the MMC-5 draft Rev 3a, I noted a few minor editorial
inconsistencies within the spec.  Also copying Mt. Fuji in case consistency
changes are desired there.
This draft, per earlier discussions, has moved the TSR bit to bit 2 of byte
1 of the Write 10 and Write 12 CDBs.  Bit 1 of byte 1 is now defined as
"Restricted for [SBC-2]".  Bits 7-4 are also defined as "Restricted for
1.)  I believe bit 0 of byte 1 of the Write 10 CDB should be marked as
"Obsolete" instead of reserved.
2.)  Bit 4 of byte 1 of READ (10), READ (12), and VERIFY (10) should be
included in the "Restricted for [SBC-2]" field (bits 7-4) instead of defined
as DPO to be consistent with the other CDBs (e.g. WRITE (10), WRITE (12)).
3.)  MMC-5 defines bit 7 of byte 10 of the WRITE (12) CDB as "Streaming"
while leaving the READ (12) bit defined as Reserved.  Mt. Fuji defines both
as the "Streaming" bit as does MMC-4.  I believe this is just a
typographical error in MMC-5 Rev 3a.
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