Question for cancel method of RW-DL Format operation

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Fri Jun 30 01:26:08 PDT 2006

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Hello Katata-san,
Let me confirm one thing.
What is the required or proposed disc state after the Full format is
terminated? Intermediate State, Complete State or format in progress
Best Regards,
Harry Ai
Panasonic AVC Networks Company
Osaka, Japan
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>Subject: Question for cancel method of RW-DL Format operation
>Hello all,
>Thank you for your answer to my question.
>My next proposal does not change the description of the default format
>for RW-DL media.
>I have another question to members.
>Full formatting of a RW-DL disc will take more than 1 hour by 2X regardless
>IMMED bit setting.
>In the case of RW-SL, we had a prospect of the higher speed data recording.
>the beginning, Full format of RW-SL took 1 hour. Now it takes 10 min by 6X.
>The other hands, the forecast of RW-DL formatting time may be 30 min by 4X.
>Under this condition, I think that many of the end users should have a
method to
>cancel the full format operation after it began.
>In the current definition, all commands except several specials shall be
>terminated with check condition "Formatting in Progress" during formatting.
>Therefore user only can remove the power from the system.
>I think that some method should be describe to stop the 1 hour operation.
>Here is my idea.
>1. use existing command
> Start Stop unit command for Stop, Eject and Sleep
>2. use other existing command than No.1
>3. create a new command
>4. no such command or vender specific
>Let me know your idea.
>Best regards,
>Keiji Katata
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