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Since Rob is out tomorrow, he has provided the following list of items to 
be discussed concern two of the proposals:
* is a 1/(non-power-of-two) ALIGN rate a good idea?
* separate ALIGN rates to optimize performance or just one rate for all
* what is the best term to replace "clock skew management" in 7.3
* The average up-spreading cannot exactly match the average
down-spreading in an SSC profile.  How do we specify the accuracy?  Does
the ALIGN rate of
1/2048 provide enough extra ALIGNs to account for the inaccuracy?
* make sure everyone agrees with the math on the last page, and that
we're not off by a factor of 2 anywhere.
* is the frame too big or otherwise unwieldly?
* there are lots of "informative" SSC bits that are not strictly needed.
e.g. an expander must support all 3 types, an HBA 2 types, and a disk
1 type or the other, so passing that along in the frame is unnecessary.
However, it might make it easier for someone using an analyzer to be
clear on where they're attached.
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