[T11.3] FC-LS: TPRLO format and usage

David Peterson David.Peterson at mcdata.com
Wed Jun 21 10:36:09 PDT 2006

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One more question: Is anyone using the Third Party Originator
Process_Associator and Responder Process_Associator fields in the TPRLO
Request payload?
If I receive no replies indicating they are used, I will also propose
that these fields be obsoleted too.
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	Here is the plan that was agreed upon at the June FC-LS working
group meeting:
	- the Third Party Originator N_Port_ID field in the request
payload will be obsoleted
	- the Global bit shall be set to one in the request payload
	- the Responder may reject the TPRLO request if the Global bit
is not set to one
	- the LS_ACC payload is the same as the request payload
	Please reply if you have any objections along with your
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