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Dear Katata-san,
As regards the question "2. Question about re-format operation of Mt. Fuji
we CyberLink would like to choose the option 2:
2. Format type Grow Session (11h) and Quick Grow (13h) shall not modify 
    the recorded user data area. Other format type behavior is vender
To us, the Quick Grow (13h) is enough.
If the Fast Re-format is mandatory, we hope that drive vendors can support
format type 13h. 
If it's optional, we suggest to add one flag "Fast Re-format" at bit 5 of
byte 4 in the 
"Feature 002Ch: Rigid Restricted Overwrite Feature Descriptor" so that we can
know whether 
the Fast Re-format is supported or not. 
When it's "1b", then format type 13h should be supported for DVD-RW DL Fast
When it's "0b", then Fast Re-format is not supported.
What do you think?
Thanks a lot.
Best Regards,
Mou Huang
CyberLink Corp.
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Hello all,
This is an action item of June meeting.
Please send your selection and commnet by June 21 (if possible).
Best regards,
Keiji Katata
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