SPC-4: Persistent Reserve Out Confusion

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Thu Jun 8 09:43:46 PDT 2006

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In SPC4-04, Section 5.6.6 "Registering", Table 34 "Register behaviors
for a REGISTER AND IGNORE EXISTING KEY service action", anytime the
SERVICE ACTION RESERVATION KEY is non-zero and SPEC_I_PT is set to one,
a CHECK CONDITION status is to be generated. But in section 6.12.3
"Basic PERSISTENT RESERVE OUT parameter list" states:
"If the SPEC_I_PT bit is set to one for the REGISTER service action or
the REGISTER AND IGNORE EXISTING KEY service action, then the additional
parameter data shall include a list of transport IDs (see table 116) and
the device server shall also apply the registration to the I_T nexus for
each initiator port specified by a TransportID. If a registration fails
for any initiator port(e.g., if the logical unit does not have enough
resources available to hold the registration information), none of the
other registrations shall be made."
This seems to be a contradiction - what am I missing here?
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