SSC-3: 06-225r2 now available (AES Key-wrap for establishing an encryption key)

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Wed Jun 7 07:44:45 PDT 2006

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Matt & all,
I want to voice my concern about trying to approve for inclusion into 
SSC-3 this proposal without first having an approved method of 
establishing an SA in SPC-4.  It seems bad to approve something that 
relies on a nonexistent method.  I know that David Black is working on his 
proposal 06-103 SSC-3: Encrypt keys for transfer to device as well as 
possibly taking some of the original parts of 06-225r1 and targeting them 
for SPC-4.  However, this has barely started and nothing in SPC-4 provides 
a method to establish an SA yet.  The result of this, I believe, is that 
SSC-3 will be held out of letter ballot until a method to establish an SA 
is included into SPC-4 and SPC-4 passes letter ballot. 
Please add a discussion of this email to the agenda for the next SSC-3 
meeting (i.e. June 21 Telecon).
Kevin D. Butt
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SSC-3: 06-225r2 now available (AES Key-wrap for establishing an encryption 
Hi All,
I just uploaded 06-225r2 to the T10 site.  Please forward this document to 
any cryptography people in your organization.  If possible, I'd like to 
vote on including this proposal into SSC-3 at the next SSC-3 
teleconference on June 21st.  If nothing else, we should be able to 
include the changes from clause 8.

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