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Hello Katata-san,
I have one question.
According to your explanation in June Mt.Fuji meeting, one more
requirement existed which was requested by Host people. The requirement
was that the recorded user data must be preserved through the fast
re-formatting, because the data would be used after re-formatted.
But in your new document, it is not listed in the requirements from the
Host people. Is this requirement withdrawn by the Host people?
If it is your mistake and the requirement is still alive, please revise
your proposal document to add it and add the explanation how the Host
uses the recorded user data after the re-formatting.
It becomes very unclear for me how to achieve re-using the recorded data,
because you explained that Read-only file system was applied to Layer
Jump Recording, UDF2.01 was applied to fully formatted disc and UDF 2.00
with DVD-VR format was applied to Quick formatted, i.e. Intermediate
state, disc. It looks that this file system and disc format state
combination requests the recording system to change the applied file
system according to the new format state via the re-formatting process,
if the disc state is changed by the fast re-formatting. How are the
files in the old file system re-used in the new file system?
Best Regards,
Harry Ai
Panasonic AVC Networks Company
Osaka, Japan
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>Subject: Study and Proposal of Fast Re-format
>Hello all,
>I put "Fast Re-Format.pdf" in
>This explains the study result of the Fast Re-format of RW-DL.
>Please study it and send your comment to me.
>Best regards,
>Keiji Katata
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