queries Regarding Transport layer (part 2)

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I made a slight error in my first note to you. I quoted the paragraph that 
is the response to a failure in the request to send the DATA frame not the 
failure of the source to receive the DATA frame. That information is in 
Table 141 ? Messages sent to the ST_IFR state machine in the last two 
rows. So the message sent to the ST_IFR state machine is either 
Transmission Complete (Data-Out Failed, NAK Received) or Transmission 
Complete (Data-Out Failed, ACK/ NAK Timeout).
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queries Regarding Transport layer
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Hello !!
Could anybody help me for solving some doubts in Transport layer.
I have few doubts regarding implementation of Transport layer state
I am referring to SAS2r03a 22 April 2006.
Following are queries :
1.How does ST_ITS state machine notify ST_IFR state machine that NAK or
ACK/NAK timeout have occurred for DATA frame corresponding to first
enable burst.Is it going to use same message as it is using for the DATA
frame corresponding to XFER_RDY frame? 
if yes, then message( Transmission complete(Data-out failed,NAK
received)corresponding to NAK & message Transmission complete(Data-out
failed,ACK/NAK Timeout)) ST_ITS uses to notify ST_IFR is given but How
ST_IFR will handle these message or notify Application layer about data
sending failure seems to be missing.
Sandeep Taneja
nSys Design Systems
Accelerating designs
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