FCP-2 Target Reset Question

Kevin Jones kev at bri.hp.com
Wed Jan 18 23:25:48 PST 2006

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> All,
> I have a question about the TARGET RESET TMF in FCP-2.
> With the TARGET RESET TMF being on an I_T Nexus scope, what should be
> the response from a target to receiving a FCP_CMND IU with the FCP_LUN
> set to a non-existent LUN value on a TARGET RESET TMF? I would think
> that because the scope of the TMF is on the I_T Nexus the TMF should
> complete or should the TMF be rejected.
> Thanks
> Kevin

An HP LTO Fibre Drive will ignore the FCP_LUN field for the TARGET_RESET
task management function. TARGET_RESET will occur even if FCP_LUN
is set to a non-existant LUN value.

Note that FCP-3 has obsoleted the TARGET_RESET request.
This function has negative value in a SAN environment, permitting
a "rogue" initiator the ability to break connectivity between a
target and its clients.

Kevin Jones

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