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On behalf of Steve Johnson and myself, I have uploaded:
   SAS-2 Expander Configuration Supervisor and SMP CHANGE Request

In 06-029r0, changes are proposed that:

  a) generalize the Supervising Device function proposed in 06-019,
     making it independent of SAS-2 Zoning and increasing the
     opportunities for self-configuring expander sets; and
  b) replace the ZONE BROADCAST address frame proposed in 06-019
     with a new SMP function, SMP CHANGE.

Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the proposal is converting
The justification for the change can be found in note 2 near the bottom
of page 4 in the proposal.

It is possible that this change will break existing silicon and
those interested in such matters should research whether or not
this is an issue.

Overall, the intent of 06-029 is to formally propose the ideas
discussed by LSI Logic in recent SAS-2 meetings.



P.S. I wish to thank Ed D'Avignon for his help in tidying up 06-029r0.

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