Transmitter Device Source Termination

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The transmitter device includes the connector associated with that device. 
transmitter device connector needs to be one of those identified as allowed
the specific interoperability point in the standard.  I do not recall that
the SMA
is one of those allowed transmitter device connectors.
Note that the transmitter device is not the transmitter chip but rather the
board traces, any components that are in the path between the transmitter
chip and
the connector and the transmitter device connector itself (which must be
mated to
the connector on the test fixture to gain access to the transmitter device). 
the transmitter device connector is not an SMA or similar that is suitable
for direct
connection to instrumentation, you need to also go through a low loss
connector (like an SMA) mounted on a connector adapter test fixture to get to
instrumentation.  See the measurements annex B in 1.1.	So in general one
make the measurement through two mated connectors, one on transmitter device
one on the test fixture to get to the instrumentation cable.  The
connector should be almost invisible.
However, one could use special instrumentation quality cables that has the
connector integral to the instrumentation cable. Multiple cables would be
to meet the zero length and TCTF load requirements. Since annex B is
and not normative that possibility is legal.  Or perhaps better stated as not
This special instrumentation cable, being part of the instrumentation up to
transmitter device connector half that is part of the cable, may have issues
calibration since the calibration would have to be to the internal part of
the cable
that is directly connected to the mating transmitter device connector
point.	Maybe some smart person could figure out how to do it.	In any case
transmitter device measurements for any interoperability point, including the
point, are made through at least the mated connector pair that is part of the
There does not seem to be any ambiguity the way the 1.1 standard is presently
except that caused by Annex B not being normative.  I lost that battle.
Cheers, Bill
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>Hi all,
>I was looking at the SAS 2 draft Table 44 page 153 and SAS 1.1 Table 43
>page 149.  In both drafts note b for the measurements requirements says
>the following:
>"All transmitter device termination measurements are made through mated
>connector pairs"
>This does not make any reference to the IT compliance point, which makes
>me believe that it can be done with any connector type as long as they
>are mated, for example SMA mated pair.  Is that assumption correct? If
>not, I think we need to clarify it more in the standard.
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