Transmitter Device Source Termination

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The reference is found in the text at the beginning of the section. Your 

assumption is not correct because the specification says the measurements 

of compliant PHY's are made at the compliance points. Third paragraph of 

the section where the table is found:

"This standard defines the electrical requirements of the signal at the 

compliance points IT, IR, CT, and CR in

a TxRx connection. Each compliant phy shall be compatible with these 

electrical requirements to allow

interoperability within a SAS environment."

I believe the specification is clear on this issue.

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Transmitter Device Source Termination

Hi all,

I was looking at the SAS 2 draft Table 44 page 153 and SAS 1.1 Table 43 

page 149.  In both drafts note b for the measurements requirements says 

the following:

“All transmitter device termination measurements are made through mated 

connector pairs” 

This does not make any reference to the IT compliance point, which makes 

me believe that it can be done with any connector type as long as they are 

mated, for example SMA mated pair.  Is that assumption correct? If not, I 

think we need to clarify it more in the standard.



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