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Wed Dec 20 17:15:31 PST 2006

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To address comments from the last Phy phone call, an update to "Proposed
6G SAS Phy Specs for EMI Reduction" has been posted as:
http://www.t10.org/ftp/t10/document.07/07-007r1.pdf, and
Now, both Class A and Class B FCC limits for radiated emission are
Also, the complete formulas for single-ended to mixed mode s-parameter
conversion are given.
Last, for those considering whether the proposed limit for SCD11 & SCD22
is realistic, the model now includes the effect of delay skew between
the two dif'l inputs.  In addition to resistive and capacitive
imbalance, this skew can have substantial effect on SCD11 & SCD22 at
higher frequencies.  (In the Powerpoint version of the document,
double-click on the chart to experiment with the parameters in an Excel
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