[T11.3] FC-LS/FCP-4: Proposed REC behavior

Roger Hathorn rhathorn at us.ibm.com
Thu Aug 31 10:40:20 PDT 2006

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I did not mean to imply that the recipient shall verify the rule.  The
words say that the sender shall follow the rule.
Existing implementations do not enforce any rules about the S_ID in the REC
payload.  I don't think you can expect enforcement by the recipient,
because that would then make existing implementations non-compliant.   If
the originator breaks the rules, unexpected results can be expected.   If
you expect the recipient to enforce the rule, then you need to say what
happens when the rule is broken.  Since this would require changes in
existing implementations, I don't think we can say anything about
Bob, I am fine with your words too.   I think they mean the same thing.
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