Querry Reg.BREAK(spec.sas2r04a)

Shivkumar N.Kode kode at intelliprop.com
Thu Aug 31 08:59:34 PDT 2006

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I am having a querry reg.BREAK in SL_CC0:Idle State as per spec.T10/1760-D
Revision 4a  mentioned in section "If a BREAK Received message
is received and the BREAK_REPLY method of responding to received BREAK
primitive sequences is enabled (see 7.12.5), then this state shall send a
Transmit BREAK_REPLY message to the SL transmitter"
Is it required to transition to another state after sending BREAK in
SL_CC0:Idle state?
Please let me know..Since spec.is not saying about this..
Thanks in advance.
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