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Sheffield, Robert L robert.l.sheffield at
Wed Aug 30 14:56:09 PDT 2006

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I have posted SAT-r08d to the T10 website.
This revision has integrated:
*	Resolutions to all but 10 of 1617 letter ballot comments
*	Miscellaneous Changes identified in 06-378r1 that was
recommended for inclusion by the August 21 SAT WG in Seattle, and
*	A number of editorial fixes identified from various sources.
The reamining 10 letter ballot comments will be resolved at the Tuesday
September 12 T10 SAT WG meeting in Nashua, NH.
I intend to integrate resolutions to the final comments and to ask the
T10 plenary to recommend 06-121r5 as resolving all letter ballot
comments and to forward SAT-r09 to INCITS for public review.
I have posted 06-121r4 SAT revision 8 letter ballot comment resolution
reflecting comments integrated as of SAT-r08d.
*	PDF:
*	FDF:
I have posted 06-396r0 Last 10 letter ballot comments to resolve.
Bob Sheffield

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