FC-LS/FCP-4: Proposed REC behavior

David Peterson David.Peterson at mcdata.com
Wed Aug 30 10:29:33 PDT 2006

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To remove the ability for a third party to issue an REC, here is the
proposed text for FC-LS: Description
This ELS shall be used only for purposes specific to an FC-4. The REC
(Read Exchange Concise) Extended Link Service requests an Nx_Port to
return Exchange information for the RX_ID and OX_ID originated by the
S_ID specified in the Payload of the request Sequence. The S_ID
specified in the Payload of the request Sequence may differ from address
identifiers of both the source and destination of the REC request
itself. A Read Exchange Consise Request shall only be accepted if the
Originator Nx_Port or the Responder Nx_Port of the target Exchange makes
the request. The specification of OX_ID and RX_ID shall be provided for
the destination Nx_Port to locate the status information requested. A
Responder destination Nx_Port shall use the RX_ID and verify that the
OX_ID is consistent, unless the RX_ID is unassigned (i.e., RX_ID =
FFFFh). If the RX_ID is unassigned in the request, the Responder shall
identify the Exchange by means of the S_ID specified in the Payload of
the request Sequence and OX_ID. An Originator Nx_Port shall use the
OX_ID and verify that the RX_ID is consistent.
Please review the proposed text and be ready for a vote at the October
T11 FC-LS working group meeting.
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