Make Certificate Data Optional for SECURITY PROTOCOL IN Command (T10/06-372r0)

Williams, Chris (MRO Tape Storage) Christopher.W at
Wed Aug 16 07:11:57 PDT 2006

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	As I read the spec (and from my notes from when this was being
defined), support for transferring whatever certificate data there is is
mandatory, but actually having a certificate is not mandatory. 
Looking at SPC 4 rev 6,, 1st paragraph after table 176. It
states that "If the device doesn't have a certificate to transfer, the
CERTIFICATE LENGTH field shall be set to 0000h". This seems to cover the
case of no certificate being available.
I don't want to have to have a certificate, at least not yet. Requiring
support for the method to read it is good, as it allows evolution of
products without changing the command set.
Chris Williams
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