SPC-4: Self Describing Command Timeouts (05-284r2)

Kevin D Butt kdbutt at us.ibm.com
Sat Aug 5 22:05:33 PDT 2006

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A new version of my "self-describing" command time-outs has been posted. 
This is a major revision from the one posted last November.  I have a few 
issues to solve that I would appreciate help with.  The main one being how 
to sufficiently address or skirt the delay injected by the time in the 
My thoughts and experience are in the tape realm, and I don't have a good 
feel for disk or enclosure or MMC.  In the tape realm, reservations are 
often used to ensure that only one host is doing data I/O (or time 
intensive activities) at a time.  While multiple host may be talking to 
the drive, most are just polling to see if it is there or if it is 
available (i.e. doesn't have an active reservation).  In this scenario, 
the command time-outs as I have described them will solve a high 
percentage of the issues related to unknown command time-outs.	The delay 
injected by the queue (or the command(s) in the queue prior to this one) 
do not often have an effect on the host doing data I/O.
Anyway, I need to understand better the issues seen by the other device 
types.	I would also appreciate any suggestions.
2006/08/05 22:47:18 
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