MMC-5: CD Audio recognition / CONTROL bit field.

David Burg daviburg at
Tue Aug 1 18:01:41 PDT 2006

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Yes, more legacy thing, sorry.
Reviewing some old CD Audio recognition code under the light of the
'retirement' of the READ SUB CHANNEL command, my team noticed some code using
the said command as part of a recognition mechanism. As far as I understand
this should be replace by a READ TOC command which returns the same CONTROL
bits. However the CONTROL bits meaning formerly in MMC 4's Table 429 – Q
Sub-channel control field, has been removed from MMC 5 section 6 as READ SUB
CHANNEL command moved to Annex E.
Could the said table be put instead under " General Case for CD"
after "The CONTROL Field indicates the attributes of the track."?
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David Burg
Research Software Engineering Lead
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