SAS address and port identifier.

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I am refrerring to version Working Draft Serial Attached SCSI - 2 
(SAS-2) [Project T10/1760-D(Reference number - ISO/IEC 14776-152:200x)]
I have some doubts regarding SAS address.
According to section 3.1.165
SAS address: A worldwide unique value assigned to a SAS initiator port, 
SAS target port, expander device, SAS initiator device, or SAS target 
Then in table-6 (page# 54) it says Port identifier is SAS address and 
Device name is SAS address.
Now on page#325,last line says 'More than one port in a SAS device may 
have the same SAS address'. This means that a device may have multiple 
SAS address in case it has multiple ports with different port 
identifiers. Then this voilates Section 3.1.165.
Please suggest where I am understanding it wrongly.
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