[T11.3] FCP-3/FC-LS: Use of REC

David Peterson David.Peterson at mcdata.com
Fri Apr 21 10:24:32 PDT 2006

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FC-LS currently specifies the Exchange originating S_ID field in the REC
payload may be different than the address identifier of the source (and
destination) of the REC. From FC-LS rev 1.2 subclause
"This ELS shall be used only for purposes specific to an FC-4. The REC
(Read Exchange Concise) Extended Link Service requests an Nx_Port to
return Exchange information for the RX_ID and OX_ID originated by the
S_ID specified in the Payload of the request Sequence. The S_ID
specified in the Payload of the request Sequence may differ from address
identifiers of both the source and destination of the REC request
This (third party) capability is problematic for FC-IFR implementations,
since the information needed to perform address translation may not be
Does anyone have an inplementation where the REC payload Exchange
originating S_ID field does not match the S_ID in the FC Header?
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