SAS-2 zoning meeting agenda

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Tue Apr 18 17:24:00 PDT 2006

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I've extracted the agenda items from the SAS Protocol Working Group that
apply to Thursday's SAS-2 zoning meeting in Denver and tried to group them
into useful categories.  Please review the proposals before the meeting (if
they're posted yet); it'll be challenging to get through all 20 in one day.
Minor corrections/clarifications
06-165 SAS-2 Change SMP ZONE VIOLATION code value [Elliott] 
06-167 SAS-2 Filtering OPEN content based on ZONE PARTICIPATING bit
06-168 SAS-2 OPEN address frame SOURCE ZONE GROUP field definition [Elliott]
06-177 SAS-2 Zoning BROADCAST Events Correction [D'Avignon and Elliott] 
Minor new features 
06-166 SAS-2 Restrict access to SMP ZONED BROADCAST function [Elliott] 
06-176 SAS-2 Add phy zone information to SMP DISCOVER [Elliott and Symons]
06-181 SAS-2 Zone group values after a link reset sequence [Marks] 
06-197 SAS-2 Add expander change count to most SMP functions [Elliott] 
Self-configuration clarifications
06-097 SAS-2 Discovery - Configuring bit [Symons] 
06-098 SAS-2 Self configuring expander device model [Symons] 
06-187 SAS-2 Self-configuring expander status  [Elliott] 
Major new features 
06-189 SAS-2 Allow table-to-table expander attachment [Elliott] 
New SMP functions
06-037 SAS-2 SMP Lists (DISCOVER LIST) [Johnson] 
06-078 SAS-2 Expander Routing Table (REPORT ROUTE TABLE) [Johnson] 
06-201 SAS-2 SMP CONFIGURE PHY ZONE function [Symons]
06-202 SAS-2 SMP CONFIGURE ZONE PERMISSION function [Symons]
06-203 SAS-2 SMP REPORT ZONE PERMISSION function [Symons]
06-204 SAS-2 SMP REPORT ZONE ROUTE TABLE function [Symons]
Unsure about the status 
06-019 SAS-2 Zoning [Symons, Laio] (split into 06-201, 202, 203, and 204)
06-029 SAS-2 Expander Configuration Supervisor and SMP CHANGE Request [Weber
and Johnson]
Rob Elliott, elliott at
Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Server Storage Advanced Technology

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